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It’s the start of the year.  Here are my wishes for you and your loved ones:

H – Health.  May you have it in you so that you can fulfill your mission and vision for the year.

A – Ability.  May you develop the skill to reach your dreams.

P – Prosperity.  May the Good Lord bless you and shower you financially.

P – Peace. May you nurture your relationship with others and bridge communication gaps with friends and family.

Y – Yearning.  May you never run out of reasons to do what is right and just.

N – Nobility.  May you protect your good name and leave a good legacy.

E – Endurance.  May you have the staying power to endure all the hardships and challenges that come your way.

W – Willingness.  May you have pleasure in following the authority figures in your life who lead you and your organization.

Y – Yes.  May you limit the times when you reject others who want to extend help, and to give help in return.

E – Enthusiasm.  May you always be inspired with divine wisdom and positive thoughts.

A – Altruism.  May you have unselfish concern and compassion for the people you deal with everyday.

R – Reward.  Hope for the best.  Ask and you shall receive.  Seek and you shall find.  Knock and the doors of heaven will be opened up to you.

Happy New Year everyone!


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