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Today is Rizal day.  How much do you know the Philippine National Hero?

J – Jesuit-trained.  Dr. Jose Rizal was one of the most outstanding students of the Ateneo de Manila University, which was established by Spanish Jesuits in 1859.

O – Ophthalmologist – Upon learning that his mother was going blind, he decided to study medicine specializing in ophthalmology at the University of Santo Tomas.

S – Symbolism.  This is what Rizal did to depict the prevailing situation in the Philippines through the novels Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo.  The novels depicted the religious atrocities and political ills during his time.

E – El Filibusterismo.  Contrary to popular belief that he did not support armed conflict, Rizal was actually preparing Filipinos for inevitable war with the Spaniards through this novel.

R – Reading.  As early as 2 years old, it is said that Rizal already learned how to read and write.

I – Intellectual.  Jose Rizal’s IQ is estimated to be in the 150-160 point range of the Guassian bell curve. He was a genius and a polymath.

Z – Zoologist.  Rizal studied animal physiology, and as much as possible, he did not wish fowls to be killed even for food.

A – Actor.  Rizal acted as a character in one of Juan Luna’s paintings and acted in school dramas.

L – Lover.  Rizal loved animals, music, traveling, and yes, women!

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