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God does not force us to believe in him, though he could. Instead, he has provided sufficient proof of his existence for us to willingly respond to him. 

– Marilyn Adamson

Another disaster has struck our country.   As of last count, a total of 976 people have been confirmed killed and 46 remained missing from the onslaught of tropical storm Sendong in seven regions in Mindanao and Visayas.  A national calamity has been declared, and various groups have started organized efforts for relief and rehabilitation.

It is easy to blame other people when we experience difficulties.  Our government officials are now doing this.  Every time something like this happens, it’s sad that no one likes to assume responsibility.  I have yet to see a leader in this country who assumes the burden of accepting blame, even if he or she is not directly responsible for the events leading to a crisis.  Hopefully, the leader who knows what true leadership is about is within our midst, waiting for a chance to be identified and elected.

Victims also tend to question the existence of God when disaster strikes.  I hope this does not happen.  For those in doubt, I have read a very good article to prove the existence of a supreme being.  Never lose hope in the face of adversity – I know that there is a God who will carry us through no matter who we are and no matter what situation we are in.  And while God cannot be with us physically, let us remember that He can use each one of us as an instrument of His unlimited kindness and generosity.

National leaders, religious leaders, and psychiatrists hog the limelight during media interviews, offering help, suggestions, and future plans for prevention.  The bottom line in all this lies in finding ways to truly be of service to those in need of assistance.

So what can we do now?  The least we can do is to help.  Donate to charities, or simply provide manpower and assistance to your community’s efforts to extend a helping hand.  Let us all make the world know again how much the Filipino people‘s spirit of BAYANIHAN can overcome any obstacles.  We owe it to our God, to our country, and to our fellowmen.

Does God Exist? –

Sendong aftermath photos:



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