Image by Beedle Um Bum via Flickr

It’s the season to be jolly.  To find the true reason for the season, always remember this mnemonic:  C.H.R.I.S.T.M.A.S.

C – Christ.  Always make Him the centerpiece of the celebration.  Start and end with a prayer to Him.

H – Happiness.  Make it a joyous occasion.  Forget the troubles and the hurts.

R – Reverence.  Honor the people who have done you good the past year.  Make them feel loved and appreciated.

I – Illuminate.  Brighten someone’s day by sharing your talents and gifts to the less fortunate.

S – Spangle.  Adorn and decorate the environment with beautiful and colorful ornaments.

T – Touch.  Feel the love in the air and respond positively to it.  Don’t be a grinch.

M – Money.  Don’t spend all of it.  Leave some for the rainy days.  But don’t be a scrooge!

A –  Associate.  Be visible and friendly.  Attend parties to meet new friends and rekindle old ones.

S – Satiate.  Eat, eat, and eat.  But don’t forget to exercise!

Have a Merry Christmas everyone!


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