Filipino commercial bibingka in banana leaf liner.

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S – Sermon.  Listen to the homily of the priest.  Learn from its message.

I – Inside the church. That’s where you must be. Don’t just stand around outside and wait till the final blessing to buy bibingka.

M – Meditate.  The night mass is your chance to do some introspection in preparation for the coming of the Savior.

B – Be early.  Don’t make it a goal to just arrive in time for the Gospel.  Be there right at the start of the mass.

A – Alert.  Don’t sleep during the mass.  If you need to take a cup of coffee, do it before you go to mass.

N – Neat.  Make an effort to look presentable.  Would you talk to your boss without even combing your hair or brushing your teeth?

G – Greet others during the mass.  Say good morning or good evening. Clearly say “peace be with you”.  Be a welcoming presence.

G – Give.  Place something in the collection box.  This is the season for giving.

A – Apparel.  Wear decent clothes.  The attention of everyone must be placed on the priest, not on you.

B – Bread of Life.  Receive the Holy Communion.  It will make you feel the true spirit of the season.

I – Inspire.  After the mass, spread the good news in words and in deeds.  Be a positive influence. It’s what all true Christians must do.


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