It’s hard to be honest.  In politics, business, and in everyday life, we are always challenged to tell it as it is.  The medical profession is no different.  Sometimes we are tempted to lie to avoid conflict.  We hide the truth to avoid complications.  Or, even worse, we lie because we have our own selfish interests in mind.

However, we can derive a lot of benefits from honesty.  Here is why we should be HONEST:

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H – Helps lift a person up.  A word of encouragement from a trustworthy person enables someone to rise from adversity and face his fears.

O – Observation is aided – When you are honest, you enable someone temporarily blinded by emotion or circumstance to see the situation clearly.  After that, he or she can now find solutions to the problem.

N – Nurtures.  Honesty nurtures relationships and makes the bond stronger.

E – Edifies.  An honest person encourages others morally, spiritually, and intellectually to be the best person they can be.

S – Sustains.  Honesty sustains confidence in the other person.  It nourishes the soul and uplifts the spirit, knowing that someone can truly be trusted and relied upon.

T – Triumphs.  A person who has low morale tends to see the world as negative.  But when he or she sees an honest deed, it enhances the belief that good always triumphs over evil in the end.  This person then sees the environment and the people around in a different light.

In short, honesty HELPS us OBSERVE the world around us and makes us see a NURTURING and EDIFYING universe, SUSTAINING us until we reach our moment of TRIUMPH.

That’s the truth.


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