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“Once you can do something no one else can do, you can pretty well name your price.”

–  Richard Templar

There are now 7 billion people on earth.  They will all need food.  They will need jobs or a source of livelihood.  They will be competing with you and me.  Should we be alarmed?  While I believe that the earth has enough natural resources to serve its inhabitants, for the ambitious and success-driven, there is the insatiable drive to be a cut above the rest.  But it comes with a lot of effort.

Fortunately, there is a simple strategy to develop SKILL.  I formulated this mnemonic for you to remember.

S – Starting Place.  Know what your current abilities are.  Do you have analytical and reasoning skill?  Are you comfortable with numbers?  Do you have a natural inclination to build things from scratch?  Are you detail-oriented?  Are you always the life of the party?  Does everyone want to confide to you?  In my opinion, the best way to know the skill set you can develop is by listening to other people’s compliments – especially those compliments coming from people who do not expect to gain anything from you for saying it.   For example, if a known critic suddenly notices how good a writer you are, that may be your cue to develop your craft.

K – Know your ultimate purpose for developing the skill.   This will serve as your guide post.  Is your purpose to spread the word on the benefits of reading?  Do you want people to adapt physical fitness as a way of life?  Do you want people to enhance other people’s relationship with their Creator?  The ultimate purpose is always for the benefit of others, not just for yourself. Once you identify this purpose, write it out, and have it in your wallet, in your room, or in any place where you will be reminded of it.

I – Identify you goals to attain your purpose.  Your purpose will not be achieved immediately.  So you must break it down to more realistic and time-bound goals.  For example, if you are a first year student today, your goal is to simply become a second year student.  Don’t worry about your thesis in fourth year, or your board exam after graduation.  Just focus on getting a good grade on your upcoming exam next week.   Just do your best on the project you are currently working on.  Take your goals one step at a time.  You’ll have enough time to create a strategy to achieve future goals.

L – Let’s go and act!  Carry out those goals today.  A goal without action means nothing.  Once you have a goal outlined, make an action plan to achieve it.  Is your goal to develop memorization skills?  There are so many books and tutorials available on the internet.  Once you have the material in hand, follow its recommendations.  Grind it out. Practice the skill.  And don’t stop until you have reason to believe that you have acquired the skill.  What’s the best way to determine whether you have become proficient with a skill?  Teach it to others!  When they become skilled as well, it’s a very good sign.

L – Lionize!  The term lionize means to treat as a celebrity.  When you perfect a skill, you become a celebrity in your own right.  So as a celebrity, celebrate!  Give a toast to your skill.  Relish it.  Have time to enjoy the fruits of your labor.  All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.  Make sure to take some time off  from time to time.  And to maximize your accomplishments, don’t forget to celebrate with others.  This will provide you with renewed desire to do more, to do better, and to develop more skills in the future.

In this age of globalization, a unique skill is priceless.  We are all unique in our own way.  Let that uniqueness inspire you towards unprecedented success.



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