Victor Ortiz media workout on June 24, 2009 at...

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In the just-concluded Floyd MayweatherVictor Ortiz fight, a furor was created among fight fans when Mayweather knocked out an unprotected and undefended Ortiz.  The outcome was controversial to say the least.  As Ortiz was apologizing for an earlier headbutt, Mayweather hit him with a left-right combination.  Ortiz never recovered, and he was counted out.

Protect yourself at all times.  This is what the referee always reminds prizefighters before a bout.   Ortiz assumed that there was a break in the action, so he forgot to protect himself.  This cost him his championship belt.  He failed to follow orders.

In life, we also need to protect ourselves at all times.  Whether it is with regards to our health, our finances, or our relationships, we must always be ready for the unexpected.  Forgetting this mantra can lead to disaster.

Have you acquired insurance for yourself in case any accident happens?  Have you checked your latest lipid profile and liver function test results?  What about your parents, your spouse, and your children?  Did you take time out today to think about the status of your relationship with members of your family?

Never assume anything.  Life hits us when we least expect it.  Not doing so has dire consequences.

Just ask Victor Ortiz.



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